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EP Minerals® Safety Absorbent® - 50# Bag

Quickly and easily soaks up messy spills. An all-purpose absorbent designed for the quick clean up of water, oil, and grease. 100% Fuller's earth. Environmentally friendly. 100% natural mineral. Coarse granulation.  ea
Manufacturers Item #7951

Tolco® Soakit™ Absorbent- 1 lb. Bag

Easy to use. Cover spill with Soakit™, sweep and dispose. Environmentally friendly. Made from all natural materials and the bag is easily recycled. Pleasant fragrance masks odors of spills. No residue build-up when used on fabrics or carpets.
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Fresh Super-Sorb Absorbent

Ideal for use in grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities, health clinics. Absorbs 60 times it's weight immediately. Soaks up vomit, blood, urine, and other spills. Saves clean-up time. Contains both a quat and a microbicide to eliminate odors. Lemon fragrance.
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