C-Fold Towels


Kimberly-Clark® Kleenex® C-Fold Towel - 10.125" x 13.15"

A premium folded towel that fits into any C-fold dipsenser. Soft and highly absrobent for efficient hand-drying and less waste. Meets EPA standards, FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Manufacturers Item #001500

Kimberly-Clark® Scott® C-Fold Towels - 10.125" x 13.15"

Made with Absorbency Pockets™ that absorbs lots of water fast, for superior hand drying. Fits into any multi-fold dispenser. Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Manufacturers Item #001510

Georgia-Pacific BigFold Jr® C-Fold Towel - 9.25" x 11"

BigFold Jr® value-sized towels fit into existing c-fold and multifold dispensers (with no adapter required) to provide a low-cost c-fold substitute. 1 ply.

Manufacturers Item #20886

Cascades Elite™ Ultra White C-Fold Towel - 10.25" x 13"

Made from 100% recycled fiber, of which 50% is post-consumer material. Offers a home-like comfort for the Away-from-home market. Green Seal® Certified. Folded size: 10.25 x 3.75.

Manufacturers Item #1802

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ C-Fold Towel - White

100% recycled. Contains a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste, which meets EPA guidelines. Use Dispenser: 53200, 53500.

Manufacturers Item #49500