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Cup Lids


Dart® Clear Dome Lid

Use with 16CT, 20CT, 24C, 12P, 12PW, 16P, 16PW, 20P, 20PW, 24P, 24PW, 16K, 20N, 20K, 24TN, RC16CT, RC20CT, RC24C.  20/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #PET24LCDHX

Dart® Clear Dome Lid w/1.5" Hole

Use with 12J16, 14J16, 16J16, 20J16, 24J16, 12X16, 16X16, 20X16, 24X16.  20/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #16LCDH

Dart® Cappuccino Lid - White

Available white and black in various sizes. Elevated platform reduces chance of spills.  10/100/cs
Manufacturers Item #16EL

Dixie® Paper Hot Cup White Dome Lids

Sip through hole. Condiment identifier. Stacking feature. Helps to prevent spills from sloshing. Lets you add toppings. Easy to drink from while on the go. Easily identifies contents.
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