Carpet Defoamer


PRO-LINK® Defoamer - Gal.

Foam build-up is eliminated in all types of extraction equipment. Labor is saved by reducing the frequency of emptying recovery tanks. Equipment motors are protected from damaging foam build-up.

Manufacturers Item #06110
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Husky® 1130 Foam Control Agent

Available in various sizes. Little as 10 ppm can provide satisfactory control. May be used with auto scrubbers, extractors and wet vacs. Silicone based. One cap per 5 gallons of recovery. pH - 7.

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Spartan Defoamer - Gal.

Stable, white emulsion eliminates foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water soil extractors, automatic shampooing equipment and floor scrubbers. Dilution: Straight; Will not harm equipment. pH 9.4; Non-corrosive. Phosphate free.

Manufacturers Item #3024
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