Carpet Extraction Cleaner


Airx 82 Soil Resistant Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

Better cleaning, quick drying, no vacuuming required after cleaning and it's soil resistant. Contains Airicide® odor counteractant. Has a neutral pH and dries faster. No sticky residue to cause resoiling.

Manufacturers Item #RX82-1
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Diversey Extraction Rinse SC - 2.5 L, J-Fill

Flushes out and removes detergent residues that cause resoiling. Safe on all types of carpets, including wool. Colorless with a fruity floral scent.

Manufacturers Item #3727

PRO-LINK® Last Touch™ II Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer-Gal

Carpet extraction cleaner that neutralizes alkaline buildup & leaves the soft feel of new carpeting. Excellent for water-safe upholstery. Pre-spray carpets and follow with PRO-LINK Last Touch Rinse.

Manufacturers Item #06140
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PRO-LINK® Single Pass™ Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

A heavy duty cleaner for the dirtiest carpets, using half as much detergent as most other extraction cleaners. Highly concentrated. Won't clog equipment, works in the hardest water. Economical.

Manufacturers Item #06100
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