Paper Hot Drink Cups


Dart® Escape Fusion™ Cups

Fusion's unique ThermoThin™ core provides superior insulation, keeping beverages hotter longer while remaining comfortable to the touch. Color coded by ounce capacity, making it easy to distinguish between cup sizes. Also features low heat transfer, molded rolled lip, flush fill capacity and seamless sidewall.

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Dixie® PerfecTouch® Coffee Dreams Insulated Hot Cups

Your customers will love it's comfortable, secure feel; non-slip hold and upscale graphics. First insulated paper cup to eliminate double cupping and the need for expensive beverage sleeves. The WiseSize™ product offering provides a packaging solution for efficiencies in your business. New smaller case sizes and a sleek, uniform poly design have been developed for an assortment of popular products. These smaller case sizes will result in a minimum of split cases and the individual UPC coded poly will make it easier to pull product for delivery. Polyethylene.

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