Liquid Deodorant


Airx RX 22 High Intensity Odor Counteractant Spray - Qt.

A non-aerosol spray that erases foul odors. An instant action odor counteractant that eases foul odors in institutional, industrial and commercial situations. Leaves a pleasant residual aroma to freshen articles.

Manufacturers Item #RX22-QT
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Airx RX 60 Super Strength Foul Odor Eliminator

RX 60 is a multi-purpose, broad spectrum water soluble counteractant many times the concentration of ordinary deodorizers, thus effective against stronger, more disagreeable odors for longer residual action. RX 60 is formulated with Airicide odor counteractant to change the "geometries" of odorous molecules in the air so they are not perceived as unpleasant. Just squirt RX 60 on the source of foul odors, or add to cleaning solutions, rug shampoo and rinse water, or dilute with water and use as a space spray.

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PRO-LINK® Restroom Care Cleaner/Deodorizer

Available in various fragrances. Biodegradable, safer-to-use products with organic fragrances that neutralize urine odors at their origin while de-scaling your porcelain fixtures. Prevent stains from accumulating in urinal or toilet bowl.

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P&G Febreze® Deep Penetrating Fabric Refresher -32 oz. RTU

Cleans away odors trapped in fabrics; it's not a 'cover-up' product. Proprietary cleaning system goes to the source of odors and eliminates them. Spray directly on fabrics until slightly damp. Safe for virtually all fabrics.

Manufacturers Item #03259
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Diversey Good Sense® Odor Counteractant - 2.5 L, J-Fill®

Fast-acting, instant odor counteractants that help neutralize odors from tobacco, food, mild, mildew, urine and vomit. Effective for use on carpets, hard surfaces and in the air.

Manufacturers Item #5394