Impact® Smazer™ Trigger Sprayer - 10", Red/White

General purpose. Ergonomic 3-finger grip. 40-50% higher output; 1.4 ml. No leak design; reshipper. 2-piece piston design for better chemical resistance.

Manufacturers Item #4906
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Impact® Deluxe High-Output Trigger Sprayer

Longer trigger length reduces hand fatigue. Sprays 2 to 2 1/2 times more than other sprayers. Blue/White.

Manufacturers Item #6109

Impact® Jumbo High-Output Trigger Sprayer - Red/White

Over 3 times normal output per stroke. Self-venting to prevent bottle collapsing. Remains primed between uses, no leaks. 9 7/8" tube length. 28mm/400 thread finish.

Manufacturers Item #6149
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Impact® Deluxe Foamer Trigger Sprayer - 9 7/8" Tube Length

Adjustable nozzle for proper foaming. Extra long trigger for easy use. White.

Manufacturers Item #7059

Impact® General Purpose Trigger Sprayers

Comes in 8 1/8" tube length and 9 7/8" tube length. 28mm/400 thread finish. Adjusts from pin to mist spray.

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Impact® Smazer™ Chemical Resistant Trigger - 10"

O-ring and piston cup made of chemical resistant viton rubber. No leak; reshipper. 40-50% higher output; 1.4 ml. Gray. Long, comfortable ergonomic 3-finger grip.

Manufacturers Item #4950
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Tolco® 640 Big Blaster Foamer Trigger - 9 1/4" Dip Tube

Cushioned, three trigger and rear support make extended use more comfortable. Up to 4 times greater output per stroke significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger. Saves 20% - 40% while maintaining resistance to common janitorial chemicals. High output and an extra large spray pattern make quick work of any job. Color: Solid White.