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Spartan BioRenewables® Restroom Cleaner - Qt.

Spartan BioRenewables® Restroom Cleaner - Qt.

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Impact® 30"-45" Telescopic Lambswool Duster

100% lambswool duster optimizes cleaning, and prevents streaks and scratches. Ideal for cleaning high or difficult places like corners and ceiling fans. Attracts dust like a magnet to the washable fibers.

Manufacturers Item #3105

Impact® 32 oz. Graduated Bottle w/Grooved Grip

Grooved grip bottles have an ergonomic design, allowing for a better hold. Made with recyclable and FDA-compliant HDPE; embossed graduations.

Manufacturers Item #5032HG

Impact® Black Hand-Held Dust Pan

These lightweight and durable dust pans have many convenient features. Molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning. Fine front-edge for maximum pickup. 4" H x 12" D x 12" W.

Manufacturers Item #700

Impact® Duralon Toilet Bowl Mop - White

12" I-beam plastic handle and polypropylene mop strands. Has a 3/4 oz., 4 1/2" mop head. Polypropylene mop strands are acid-resistant. 12"L x 4 1/2"D.

Manufacturers Item #204

PRO-LINK® Gum, Tar & Grease Removing Gel - 22 fl oz

Excellent spotter for hard-to-remove gum & petroleum based spots stains. The gelled consistency of the spotter allows it to stay on fibers & work on spots. Rinse free with water.

Manufacturers Item #06121

Impact® General Purpose Trigger Sprayer - White/White

Reliable sprayer with straight forward design, ensuring consistent function. Adjustable nozzle provides a variety of streams. 28/400 mm thread finish; 1.0 ml output; NOT a reshipper.

Manufacturers Item #5900

Star Wipers New Bar Towel Wiper - 25 lb. Box

They are factory seconds so they are new but slightly flawed. Can be used in a variety of applications such as: car washing, car polishing, bars and restaurants, house cleaning, veterinarians, window cleaning, as well as general industry. Great for wiping up table tops and general cleaning.

Manufacturers Item #NBT-25BOX

Husky® 303 Toilet Bowl Cleaner 23% HCI - Qt.

Powerful, removes tough rust & lime. Cleans, deodorizes, disinfects in one operation. Formulated with safety inhibitor to protect plumbing. Pink or white emulsion. USDA: C2; pH <1.

Manufacturers Item #303-QT12

PRO-LINK® Standard Disposable Dust Mop - 5 x 24,Grey/White

Available in various sizes. Full tie backing.

Manufacturers Item #D4524